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Sometimes you have to choose

between two things you don’t want to lose

And then you ask yourself

why it all can’t stay the same and everything has to change.


When you feel good and think that everything is fine 

you love the days and you are happy all the time,

Then there comes the moment that changes everything

Your world becomes different and you don’t know anything.



And I ask why

Did you walk into my life 

And why won’t you even take a look at me

I ask why

Did you walk into my life

Do you want to confuse me or do you want to check how fast I fall in love

With such a beautiful guy



I would like to know

what you think about me

Oh, tell me if you want to be with me,

if you want to be with me.


Cause it makes me insane

to hang around and wait for a sign 

Unfortunately it seems like

you don’t want to be mine.




Somehow it’s ridiculous

how often I look at my phone

‘Cause I wait for that call

that will never come and I feel so alone

I feel so damn alone


And although you don’t know

what I feel for you

I am sure that there won’t be

anything between me, between me and you.